Yes, we make beverage coasters.
But that’s not all! Not by a long way...

The KATZ Group based in Weisenbach in Germany's Black Forest is one of just a handful of companies worldwide that specialise in the production of beverage coasters, also popularly known as beer mats or drinks coasters. We are proud to have dominated this niche market for over 100 years – and we’re even prouder that we have managed to secure such a promising future for our wood pulp-based raw materials.

Beer mats, promotional coasters and much, much more...

In our book embracing change means using our core material – the key focus of our expertise – to manufacture more than just our world-famous coasters. That’s why today’s KATZ Group has built up a reputation for a wide range of different products.

So take a look at what we have to offer – we might have just what you need!

Coasters, drinks mats and promotional beer mats

Augmented Reality

Deco beer mat

Football beer mat

QR beer mat


The beverage coaster, or beer mat, originated in Germany's Black Forest province in 1903 – but it is far more cosmopolitan than its humble origins may suggest. Its functional role is impressive enough – a drinks mat capable of absorbing up to 300 percent of its net weight in liquid – but it also has plenty of other talents. One example is the potential it offers for advertising in the form of promotional coasters and interactive beer mats…

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Creative ideas – a wood pulp-based tool for personalised advertising





3D Puzzles


The beauty of wood pulp-based advertising media is that people don’t just pick them up to put in their pocket. They actually do it because they like the feel of them. Pleasant to the touch and with a distinctive and appealing charm, these high-quality 3D media can be flipped, rotated, tried out, taken apart and stacked together, whether for practical purposes or for the sheer fun of it...
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2012 Beverage Coaster Study

As an advertising medium, the beverage coaster is one of the industry's leading lights – and in some respects it leaves most of its competitors behind. For example, a coaster study conducted in 2012 revealed that 96 percent of the people surveyed consider beer mats to be an unobtrusive form of advertising. 66 percent read what is printed on them. And 62 percent would pocket coasters that they find useful, fun, sexy or appealing in some other way. Beer mats evoke memories of a fun evening out, they serve as a useful memory aid and notepad for jotting things down, and they somehow communicate their advertising message while simultaneously managing to be fun and appealing. Surprising, creative and constantly changing, drinks mats are a popular part of everyday life.

The finishing touches


Scented varnish

Hot foil


Relief varnish

Scratch panel

Special colours

UV varnish


Why not add some eye-catching effects and high-quality features to your beer mats and beverage coasters? Options include letterpress printing, scratch-off panels, hot foil imprinting, scented varnish, relief varnish, and many other possibilities…
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Taking sustainability seriously –
because we care about tomorrow

Material: Nature pur

Purely natural material

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Regionally sourced

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Guaranteed certified quality